Here are a bunch of questions that are frequently asked on my YouTube channel, I've rounded a few of them up, but feel free to ask me anything else. 

Is your name really Hermione?
Why yes it is! The original (before the Harry Potter books came out). My family isn't some crazy bunch of Harry Potter superfans, but we do have a dog named Harry for some reason (totally unrelated)

How old are you?
I am the grand old age of 26. 

Where are you from?
I'm from the south coast of England, I'm an island girl born and bred and I am confident that if I am not close to the sea I will wither away. 

How long have you been doing YouTube
5 Years! I started wayyyy back in October of 2012, and have never looked back!

How do you edit your videos?
On Final Cut Pro X, and I learned by watching YouTube tutorials. It seems complicated at first but after a little practice it wont take you long to get the hang of it if you're just starting out

What do you Use to film your videos?
I use this camera, this lens, and sometimes this lens

How do you find such good things while thrifting?

Perseverance. Plus I have nothing better to do some days than amble around the same old charity shops. Find your favourite stores and frequent them as often as you can!

Why are you always in the USA?
I spend a lot of time in Virginia, especially in the summer, when everyone in England is freezing their toes off, mainly because my boyfriend is from there (but also because Target). We met in 2014 when I worked as a cabana girl at a water park (both the boyfriend and Target). I went back as a lifeguard the next year, and ever since I've just been visiting.