I’m Hermione, and I want to show you how to live your best life, on a budget!

Life as a millennial 'aint easy, but i believe that despite those rising rent prices, you can still live a fun, vibrant and crafty life.Let me show you how to craft up a storm and create your dream space, closet and lifestyle, in a pinch. 
Here, you’ll find tips, tricks, DIYs and inspiration to kick start your creative spirit  

Hermione Chantal

A story about a girl and her trusty glue gun.

I'm a postcard hoarder, gluten free pizza aficionado, and self proclaimed IKEA addict. I'm an island girl, born and raised, and you'll never catch me more than about 100 meters away from my bunny, Waffle. If you want to learn a little bit more about me, and what I'm all about, you can check out this page right here to get to know me a little better.